15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

Mar 18, 2021 | Time Management

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This summary is from information found on Kevin Kruse’s website https://www.kevinkruse.com/15-secrets-successful-people-know-about-time-management/

  1. Having a calendar is more effective than having a to-do list. You schedule tasks to happen on your calendar, whereas your to-do list can lie there indefinitely.
  2. We are most alert in the first 2 hours we awake. Dedicate this time to the most challenging work on your plate.
  3. Theme your days. What is the one thing you want to accomplish on Monday? Tuesday? If Saturday is play-day, you’re only allowed to play.
  4. Set measurable goals.
  5. Shoot for good enough. “There is always more to do and always more that can be done.”
  6. Done is better than perfect. Preach it Kevin.
  7. Determine and work on your MIT (Most Important Thing). “If you’re not working on your goals, you’re working one someone else’s.” “If you don’t work on your MIT for a week, it was a week wasted.”
  8. Pareto principle 20/80 rule. Ex. You realistically only wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. You realistically only spend time on 20% of your friends, and they generate about 80% of the value you get from your social circle. “What 20% of your time generates 80% of your value?”
  9. Beware of time-stealers. “Do you have a minute…?” Schedule those times in clusters so there aren’t any sporadic interruptions.
  10. Learn to say no. ‘If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.”
  11. Turn off social media notifications on your devices. Schedule time for social media.
  12. If you can do something in 5 minutes or less, do it now.Your mind is made to create new ideas, instead of being slowed down by miscellaneous tasks that convolute your mind.
  13. Don’t multi-task: ‘If you chase two rabbits you will catch neither one.’ ‘It is those who concentrate on but one thing at a time, advance in this world.’ ‘Efficiency is doing the thing right, effectiveness is doing the right thing.’ Personal ex. I have a friend who never knew how to dance. At 24 she started to dance salsa almost every day. Six months later she’s on a regional dance team, representing a dance company at competitions. (Wow. I think I’ve found the answer to my last article…)
  14. Touch-it-once rule. Personal ex. I’m really good at moving a pile of crap from one part of my room to another. So I end up having to clean my room every day. If you’re like me, touch it once. Put your belongings in the right place right-away.
  15. Check emails three times or less a day; use up to 21 minutes each time to clear your inbox.
  16. Aim to write 3 sentence emails.
  17. Outsource all the things you’re not great at and don’t thoroughly enjoy. “People who look for ways to delegate, report higher levels of happiness.” “Leverage your expertise and delegate the rest.”
  18. All objects you obtain require maintenance, attention, and decision-making; “we should think twice before acquiring them.”Ex. Should I wear this shirt or the other 28 shirts in my closet? Personal ex. Buying a full-body mirror means wasting time feeding narcissism every day. In my own words, don’t buy something unless it’s really worth it. Yes, the mirror was worth it.
  19. Forecast; Your present self has to account for the behavior patterns of your future self. Personal ex. Your present self knows that if you buy this snack in bulk right now to save money, your future self will eat it all in two days. Thus, your present self should not buy this snack in bulk.

Recommendation of purchase: I would highly recommend reading or listening to this book. It is narrated by the author himself, Kevin Kruse, who has a really great voice that I find exceptionally easy to tune into (and that means something coming from someone like me). I have not given away the productivity tools he’s recommended, amongst many other inspiring quotes, toolkits, and tips of successful people he shares.

On Amazon, the Kindle edition is $4.99, the paperback is $12.55, and the audiobook is $10.46… or FREE on Audible for your first two audiobooks.

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