3 Tips to Creating Urgency in Sales

Mar 14, 2021 | Sales

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Marc WayshakThis is a Summary of an article and video from https://salesinsightslab.com/3-tips-to-creating-urgency-in-sales/  By Marc Wayshak


Challenges Salespeople Face

If your sales cycles seem to drag on and on, with many contacts and no resulting sales, then these tips are for you.  It is a really common challenge that Salespeople face which costs time—most importantly costs sales opportunities.

Creating urgency will eliminate the sales duds on your Prospect-List and leave you with solid ones that you can close.  Creating urgency is a technique that takes time and practice to master, but awareness and focus on it is STEP ONE.


Here Are the Three Tips on Creating Urgency in Sales

  1. Urgency is critical.  Know-How of how to sense it and create it stems from learning the prospects KEY CHALLENGES.
    •   Probe with targeted questions to assess the prospects concerns.
  2. Identify and dissect their TOP OBJECTIVES/ISSUES.  What are the LONG-TERM and SHORT-TERM PRIORITIES.  Why are they Centered on these things ? Getting to this Reality is the essential Matter that will become the CORE of your approach.
  3. Are they really committed to ACTION? You do not really have a Solid Closing Opportunity unless you get a commitment to ACT.  Through this Process you can restate and confirm what the prospect has said and Tie-Down Their steps to action.  It is best to say “ Are You Ready To Do Something About This?”

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