About John Molyneux

John has been a sales leader 2014 and is going strong.  He does both door-to-door and phone sales effectively.

He was in the military, is a Martial Arts Master, and a Sales Territory Leader in Cornwall, England, UK.

His product sales specialty is Windows, Doors, Siding and Sashes.

Studies and Training

  • Cardone University- Elite Sales Training
  • Cardone University The Perfect Sales System by Grant Cardone
  • Mastering the ‘One-Call’ Close by Bruce Weddel
  • Sales Fundamentals
    The Best Damn Sales Book Ever by Warren Greshes
    New Sales. Simplified by Warren Greshes
    Baseline Selling by Mike Weinberg
  • The Best Damn Sales Book Ever– Dave Kurlan New Sales. Simplified- Mike Weinberg Baseline Selling- Dave Kurlan 
  • Dale Carnegie How To Win Friends And Influence People
  • Understanding Buyer Psychology- Authors Various
  • EDX training- Harvard, MIT, Wharton
  • Psychological Core Concepts- John D. Delamater
  • The Closers by Ben Gay
  • Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar
  • Sales Success; The Psychology Of Selling by Brian Tracy

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