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The long End of the Tail

The long tail is the colloquial name for a long-known feature of statistical distributions that is also known as “heavy tails”, “power-law tails” or “Pareto tails”. In these distributions a high-frequency or high-amplitude population is followed by a low-frequency or low-amplitude population which gradually “tails off”.

Rethinking Innovation and Career In The New Year

January is a time for resolutions and change.  In the excerpt below, the authors of An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life explore the role of change in how we start projects, finish projects, and do work.  Thirty years ago, Jean-Luc Brès took an entry-level advertising position in Polydor records (now part of Universal Music group) in Paris, France.

15 Effective Techniques for Retaining Customers

When there is a boom, there will eventually be a recession. Businesses that understand this tend to be better prepared to deal with a period where their business slows down. Recessions result in far fewer consumers spending money to buy goods and services. Items that they consider nonessential are the first ones that get cut. Uncertain economic times for consumers means a challenging business atmosphere for companies as well.

Who Needs Call Starz?

Many studies have found a high turnover rate in Sales.  This can be avoided by early and staged introduction of solid sales principles.  There are many great examples those using best practices in sales.  Not surprisingly, these persons have the highest incomes and tenure rates.  Also, it is important, if not CRITICAL to note that a revolving door of trainees and hiring is a VERY expensive proposition.

The Key to Everything

Unlock the key to everything you ever wanted with CallStarz.  If you previously thought that the income, homes, vacation and relationships you wanted were beyond your reading ability and grasp, get ready to scrap that old, tired and weighty notion for something entirely liberating.  Not only is that there for you,

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