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Mar 10, 2020 | Business Foundation, Sales

People Buy from People They Like

Happy CustomersFind out more about your prospect by using CallStarz.  People buy from people they like is a tried and true sales adage.  It was as true and effective when we started in sales in the 1980’s, as it is today.  How do you make this happen without surrendering your professional stature and position with the Customer? With our unique and special system and approach, the way to accomplish this and fashion your own winning approach will unfold before you.

Relationship-Building is the enhancement and firming up of Bridge-Building and engaging your Prospect/Customer.  It is the next logical step and can Yield untold benefits.  As trust is a major issue with Prospects/Customers, and in society today overall, this a major factor in the equation of sales success.  CallStarz has proven techniques and details not available elsewhere.

What do you do with all this ammunition once you have it? If you just speak it, or think it, with appropriate conviction, tone and manner, it will be like Tonic Water without the fizz; flat and ineffective.

CallStarz addresses the issue of Attitude.  This is a MAJOR psychological precept that most writings miss, and without it you are really wanting.  It is often said, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters; its more the size of the fight in the dig that makes the difference.   Such is true in sales.  Knowing, firm and fast in your mind, that you are the top in your field and the best choice/decision for your customer.  We will help you bring that to the office and meeting every time and you will be astounded by the difference it will make.  The Attitude is to HAVE ATTITUDE.

First You Decide.  This is the mantra we promote in our materials.  Quite simply, a CallStarz pro is one that has arrived at a place in their personal and or professional lives where they are ready to make the changes needed to make it.  Our information, videos, worksheets and modules act like a step-by-step workshop helping your salespeople, and their managers create plans that will help them achieve the success they desire.  Importantly, these will not be like some tomes and preaching’s that wind up on the shelf.  These are actionable items and measures that can be put into motion and become part of a successful sales program.

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