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Mar 19, 2021 | Inspiring Lives

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“Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, the multimillionaire CEO of Zappos.

Tony HeisiWho Is his Book Is For?

  •    Business Owners, or those interested in a successful business.
  •    Individual centered with on universal good work and happiness.
  •    Looking to integrate profits, top-level customer service.

What is it about?

Central to the book is literally about happiness in your business, living a together with success.

At its core, Delivering Happiness is the story of Tony Hsieh and his company Zappos, and the way to think long term and following your passions.  The outcome can be not just profits, but a happiness in your own life and that of your employees, and customers.

Mainly, the book inverts the ‘Profits First’ ethos present in many businesses and supplants it with an alternative approach.  Hsieh focuses on the making people around you happy, and thus, increasing your own happiness.  It is kind of an abundance model- one of happiness,

About the Author

Tony Hsieh was best known as the CEO of, Inc..  His best-known on-line business, Zappos, was a highly successful marketer of shoes.  Most discouraged him from pursuing the model selling shoes over the internet as it was thought people needed to ‘try-them-on’.  He and Zappos turned that negative into a massive positive, with something unheard of by on-line retailers at the time- FREE RETURNS.

Delivering Happiness was released in 2010 and spent many weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List.  Following the success of the book, Hsieh has become sought after as an expert in customer service and building company culture.

How He Found Success:  Hsieh ‘disrupted’ the existing retail model of how people bought shoes.  In a classic re-direct, he channeled a sector of the existing retail shoe market to his on-line store.  I am certain that folks found a higher level of service and selection with Zappos than afforded by brick-and-mortar stores that suffered from their own ‘stasis’ and low-paid and poorly incentivized employees.

Interestingly:  The book garnered most of its attention from Hseih’s innovative use of Blogs and Internet Connections.

Messages of The Book

  1. Discover the one thing you are passionate about and eliminate other pursuits.
  2. Go slow, and Methodically. Rapid growth can be counterproductive- wrong hires and wrong paths.
  3. Company Success Is Cultural Success: The success of your company is intertwined with your defined and stated culture.  Take the time to proclaim on that you believe in.
  4. “ABL” – Always Be Learning ! Flow this concept through to your employees as well.
  5. Choose and know ONE THING that your group/enterprise does best. Focus on that ONE THING consistently.
  6. Be substantive. Yes, ‘buzz’ around your business and offerings is good but base it on something solid.  Build engagement and trust in your positive interactions with people.  Treat them well and good results will follow.
  7. Live to a higher purpose and share that goal with your personnel and business partners.


The book is that is about having a company culture and customer service that are the foundation to a successful business.  Hsieh’s success shows that happiness is what everyone is looking for in life.  Further, unlike typical profits first traits of most companies, you can turn that approach on it’s head and find success in centering on the happiness of your employees, customers, and partners and social-network connections.

This content of this article was originally written by Blinkist.  2017.  Read the original article on Blinkist.  Copyright 2017.,life%20of%20passion%20and%20purpose.&text=The%20book%20provides%20an%20alternative,so%2C%20increasing%20your%20own%20happiness.

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