Identify Abilities and Learning Styles

Mar 10, 2020 | Business Foundation, Leadership, Sales

Learning Styles of Your Sales Team

Learning-Styles GraphFor more experienced types, you can use CallStarz techniques to identify the abilities and learning styles of your Sales Team.  Tease out their styles and ways of doing things….  Like, what is the last thing you learned and how did you learn it?  A salesperson or trainee learns in multiple ways and gets messages and new disciplines in a variety of ways.  Some key on self-study while others seek out a mentor, and others rely heavily on family and friends.  Advice from a manager, is only one piece of the puzzle.  Reading and experience the information on CallStarz will inform your sales or training process in deep and interesting ways, helping you make the most of the personnel in front of you.Research is an essential ingredient to sales success and often is a blind spot to many.  From 35 years of sales achievement and leadership, we can tell you it is needed.  Think about it from their point-of-view: If you call and engage without it, do you really know where they are coming from and what they may be dealing with? The best deals and relationship always exist in the space between what the customer wants and expects and what you can practically provide at a reasonable and fair price (Value Proposition).

Count on CallStarz to help you with prospect identification and qualification.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of hours are wasted working on potential customers that are not interested, financially unable or otherwise unqualified to buy from the salesperson.  To personalize it, consider how much it costs YOU?  We would estimate that its easily two, three or four weeks a year and you could make 20-40% more income with that time back in your pocket.  Wasting this time can be avoided with a broader understanding of the issues involved and implementation of the proper system.

The Pretenders

Winnowing Out the Pretenders is a daily and weekly challenge for Salespeople.  You simply cannot be successful spending time with prospects that are not worth your time and energy.  Our information and modules will aid you in a better and more informed way of doing this, this giving you back MORE TIME TO FOCUS ON GOOD PROSPECTS.

The highways and byways are littered with the discouraged, unsuccessful and unemployed that have failed because they lack the needed Sales Knowledge.  CallStarz reveals the Secret Language of your buyer and shows how to ask the right questions in the sales process.  As an experienced and successful sales group, I cannot think of a more CRITICAL aspect of what you need to survive and succeed in sales.  CallStarz will give you all of this and more, so not only will you survive and manage to endure in sales, but you will have sales and income accomplishments to your name, well beyond your wildest imaginings.

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