CALL-STARZ Books and Articles can be a great resource for you and your business.  There are an incredible number of pieces that have been written and they are collected and summarized here.  At your fingertips are TRUE, STUDIED and PROFESSIONAL sales approaches and techniques.  Some of these you have heard of and they will serve to remind and reinforce.  Others are ORIGINAL and UNIQUE and cannot be found anywhere else.  Of course, the RESULTS ARE UP TO YOU.  As with anything good in life, it takes consistent application and follow-through with these ideas and concepts to make things happen and get results.


Management is a great challenge and effective and responsive managers are constantly researching and searching for ways to monitor, motive and move their teams forward.  Having had many of these experiences over the years has helped us create targeted pieces on management.  From MOTIVATION to TIME-MANAGEMENT and RESULTS DRIVEN actions, we have something for you.  Perhaps your team is in a rut or feeling that they have hit a ceiling and you need ways to address this and improve results.  Perhaps you have individuals that present you with specific challenges, and you are looking for better ways to handle them.  Perhaps working groups or environments are not hitting on all cylind

Targeting Your Concerns

The amazing thing is we are targeted in the areas that concern you most.  In a sense, we are your concierge for just what you need and would like to save the time in researching.  We know that you are not alone or the first to face the issues on your legal pad.  Let us be your RESOURCE for cogent and targeted BOOKS and ARTICLES on your biggest concerns and issues.  In the world there is incredible experience in the matters that confront TOP MANAGERS in all lines of business and It can be found in our ARTICLES Section.

Building Confidence

confidence imageOne area we specialize in is BUILDING CONFIDENCE in Sales Teams.  Having worked in SALES in Fortune 500 Companies, we have learned at the feet of masters and can provide this Information to you and your group.  Sales simply cannot be accomplished without CONFIDENCE.  We know the calculus of the problem and how to solve it, in more than a couple of ways, for you.  Think of it this way … if best and professional Salespeople are selling solutions, then it is the customer that has the problem- right? Looked at that way, they must engage you/your representative.  Given TIME and your learned ability to CREATE A CLOSING OPPORTUNITY, you have that sale pretty much in your pocket.  It just becomes a matter of lining it all up.

A lot of people spend thousands on systems and seminars and waste serious dollars and precious TIME chasing the proclamations of these wild-eyed and over-hyped charlatans.  Long after they have cashed your check or billed your credit card, they have left your side and each day you have the burden, ALONE, to figure out and follow through on what you think you remember they said.

Engaging on Your Terms

CALL-STARZ can do great things for you as a guide and RESOURCE that you can engage with on your terms.  We will not leave your side as you work through your dedicated work on behalf of your people and organization.  For a minimal investment, at a level of your choosing, you can have access to the expertise of successful entrepreneurs and business coaches across the US.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to get what you need and are looking for.  As always, the follow-up is up to you, but the SYSTEMS and INFORMATION for Long-Term IMPLEMENTATION and SUCCESS is here in our Call-Starz RESOURCE CENTER.  The great thing is just by going to our tabs that show all categories, you can find it.  No crowd-induced frenzy necessary, all articles are FREE.


image attitudeCALL-STARZ addresses the issue of Attitude.  This is a MAJOR psychological precept that most writings miss, and without it you are really wanting.  It is often said, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters its more the size of the fight in the dog that makes the difference.  Such is true in sales.

Success in Sales/Business is about knowing, firm and fast in your mind, that you are the top in your field and are the best choice or decision for your customer.  We will help you bring that to the office and meeting every time and you will be astounded by the difference it will make.

The Attitude is to HAVE ATTITUDE.  First You Decide.  This is the mantra we promote in our materials.  Quite simply, a CALL-STARZ pro is one that has arrived at a place in their personal and or professional lives where they are ready to make the changes needed to make it.  Our information, videos, worksheets, and modules act like a step-by-step workshop helping your salespeople, and their managers create plans that will help them achieve the success they desire.  Importantly, these will not be like some tomes and preaching’s that wind up on the shelf.  These are actionable items and measures that can be put into motion and become part of a successful sales program.


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